Indestructibles Books


Indestructibles are books built for the way babies “read”: with their hands and mouths. Chew-proof, rip-proof, and drool-proof, they’re printed on a unique 100% nontoxic, paperlike material that holds up to anything babies can throw at it—gumming, spilling, dragging across the floor. Indestructibles are the little books that could. And if they get dirty, just wash them off.

Beloved by babies and their parents, Indestructibles were invented by Amy Pixton, a mother of triplets, after bits of traditional board books found their way into her babies’ mouths.

  • Rip proof. Chew Proof. 100% washable.
  • Ages: 1-2.
  • 100% safe and non toxic.


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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × .1 in

Baby Night-Night, Creep! Crawl!, Hey Diddle Diddle, Plip-Plop Pond!, Flutter! Fly!, Wiggle! March!, Jungle Rumble, Mama & Baby, Baby Babble, Baby Faces, Baby Peekaboo, Beach Baby, Jingle Baby, Welcome, Baby, Love You, Baby, Things that go, Baby Animals, Baby, Lets Eat, Home Sweet Home, All Year Round, Baby, Colors, Baby, Count, Baby, Shapes, Big and Little, Busy City, Hannukah Baby, Hello, Farm, Bath Time, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Let's Be Kind, Let's Go Outside, My Neighborhood, Rhyme with Me, Row Row Row, Twinkle Twinke, Taste the Fruit