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Sidewalk Sale at lilylimes!

Its that time of year again for our annual sidewalk sale. Most of the retailers inside the Shops at Worthington Place will also be hosting their own sidewalk sale.

So, what is a sidewalk sale?

A sidewalk sale is an outdoor sales event that retailers hold to get rid of end-of-season merchandise. In sidewalk sales, merchandise is always placed outside the storefront. Since the outside entrance to most stores has traditionally been off of a sidewalk, this is where the name for the sale originates. Sidewalk sales may be annual, semi-annual or one-time events. A sidewalk sale is usually held in the summer months.

We will be having tons of great sales and lots of items to choose from. Stop by during normal business hours on Friday July 12th until July 14th. If you want the most selection to choose from, I would suggest coming as early to the sale as possible.

See you all then!

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