Worry Eaters


At times, childhood worries can be very BIG, and at other times, very small. No matter how big or small the worries, they are all important in the life of a child. Parents can help kids learn to manage stress and tackle everyday problems with ease using word eaters as a tool to identify worries, classify misunderstandings or misconceptions, resolve conflicts and build self-esteem, while promoting the development of healthy coping skills.

  • Children are invited to write or draw their worries and place them in the Worry Eater’s mouth, so that the Worry Eater can hold onto them.
  • High-quality, super-soft plush and unique, eye catching designs are appealing to everyone. Choose your favorite character!
  • Encourages communication between adults and children.
  • Teaches children healthy coping skills and builds self-esteem.
  • Ages 3 years+
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Betti, Biff, Bill, Enno, Flamm, Flint, Frula, Polli, Pomm, Saggo, Schnulli, Wanda