Imagination Starter Sets- Blank Chalkboards Crayons Included


Set One includes:

  • 2 boards 12″ x17″
  •  Crayons included 4 colors

Set Two includes:

  • 4 boards 12″ x17″
  •  Crayons included 4 colors


These sets are a great gift we have two options available. Both come with blank boards and crayons for creative play. Ideal for drawing, placemats or even a fierce tic-tac-to competition.

Imagination Starters Chalkboard Crayons have a unique formula that is non-toxic, washable and wipes off with just water.  These work great on our placemats and flash cards and even glass!  They do also work on non-porous chalkboard but since no one ever knows if their board is, use caution and test in a corner to be safe.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 18 in

Set One- 2 boards, Set Two- 4 boards


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